Friday, November 4, 2011

Pokemon Ranger Games Part 2

OMIGOSH I AM SO SORRY THAT I HAVEN"T POSTED IN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I've been incredibly busy slacking.  Yep I'm Lazy but here's the post that I owed you guys.
The first pokemon ranger game is based in a new region called Fiore. Fiore is a unique region where people are encouraged to keep their pokemon out of pokeballs, like Ash's pikachu.  People and pokemon have a unique relationship, and there are no trainers. 
Fiore Region
In this game, you battle the Go Rock Squad with captured pokemon.  They are led by the Go Rock Quads. The Go Rock Quad's apparently a rock band, but they seem like really old, though in this picture they seem in their 30's.  It's hard to tell with there sprites due to their white hair.  Anyway they are siblings and they have really epic music.  It's pretty awesome.  Video below.  If there isn't I will cry. =(  But yeah.  The Go Rock Squad are the bad guys, and you run into the Go Rock Quad's a lot, Just like Team Plasma in Black and White. (Or anyonther evil pokemon team people.)

Honestly, this game is a classic, ranger wise. It's really fun, and insanly addicting. something about drawing circles about pokemon.... But yeah!  I will try to post soon!

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