Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pokemon Ranger Games Pt. 1

Ok, I'm going to try for once a week, but homecomings this week, anything can happen.  So this post is in parts, basically, I want to do a description on each game, since these are my favorites =)
Pokemon Ranger is probably one of the more unique pokemon games.  You take the role of a pokemon ranger, and capture pokemon with your capture styler. You don't know what any of those are, but guess what? If you click them, it links you to bulbapedia... YEAHHH!!!!!  SO, pokemon rangers are basically the pokemon police.  While the Officer Jennys take care of real criminals, pokemon rangers take care of pokemon theifs, like pokemon hunter j, or team rocket.
Pokemon Rangers do these cool things called captures.  What it is, in a nutshell, is you draw circles around a pokemon, the circles hold your feelings of friendship, and when you fill a little bar, YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!!!  YEAH!  Ok, so that sounds incredibly corney, but in the anime it looks awesome. (I now gesture towards the video below!)

I will check that video to make sure it has what i want, ANYWAY! here's a game capture.
And with the pokemon you capture, they can help you capture other pokemon.  It sounds stupid, but its INCREDIBLY ADDICTING.  Something about drawing circles super duper fast, makes it fun!  But Yeah, this will probably be a 4 part segment so i can describe each game.  See you guys soon!

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