Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pokemon Guide Books, And Other Information

Ok, I'll get the information over with, and then get on with the post.  Ok first off, Pokemon of the week will be canceled until further notice.  I just don't have enough time, and I'm just kinda lazy....  ANYWAY also, I'm going to be posting shorter post, they may be all in one, or in many parts.  It depends on the day, and homework, and my sleep level.  For example, I have no sleep, so this will probably be short and sweet. ONTO THE POST!
Ok, so I WANTED pokemon park, pikachu's adventure.. BUT i got a heart gold guide book instead...  I've been meaning to post this since FOREVER!  Ok, so basically, pokemon guide books tell you everything you need to know about the pokemon game, and give you awesome strategy's!  They also give you a complete pokedex, a poster (usually) and everything about the pokemon gyms!    Basically, they're an amazing resource.  They make the game so much eaiser, but some people consider it cheating, which it CAN be... depends on your morals, and what you consider cheating,,, but besides that,  They're amazing, and I really appreciate them.  YOu can get pokemon guide books at any video game store.  I recommend game stop personally.  They usually cost about $20.  Alright, thats about how long these posts will be. BYE!

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  1. Awesome! yeah mydad got me that guidebook when he got me soulsilver. it actually was pretty helpful! that platinum guide is prreettyyyy XD haha! they have a really cool guide for black/white too :) i was checkin it out last time i was at toysrus ^_^

    alrighty, l8r!