Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pokemon Of The Week - Starly

Hi guys.  Ok, so I'm going to reel off 3 posts, and 2 pokemon of the weeks today.  1. because I'm in the car, and I'm bored, and 2.  because I'll be missing 2 pokemon of the weeks because camp oh and my dad won't let me drive. SO WHAT IF I'M ONLY 14 AND DON'T HAVE A PERMIT!!! xD  OK!  This week's pokemon of the week is starly:
Starly, the starling pokemon.  Starly lives in forests and it's wings are said to have great power.  Cool and calm at all times, they are very sociable creatures. 
There is a gender difference between male and female starly.  A Female starly's head spot is smaller compared to the male.  I'm sorry, but all I could find was a sprite -_-  Starly is weak to Rock, Electric and Ice types, and resistant to Bug and Grass Types.  It is unaffected by Ground and Ghost types.  Starly was the first pokemon Ash caught in the Sinnoh region.  Starly evolves into staravia at level 14.

Alright.  Next up is Pokeathlon!

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