Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pokemon Of The Week - Ditto

Alright.  2 more posts and then I'm odne =D Alright, this 'weeks' pokemon of the week is Ditto.
Ditto, the transform pokemon.  Ditto is a 1st Gen pokemon who has the ability to tranform into any pokemon and copy their moves, stats, abilities and stats.  Ditto  is a normal type pokemon, so it is weak against fighting types, and unaffected by ghost types.
A way you can tell that ditto is tranformed is by the pokemon's face.  It will remain dittos face, but have the pokemon's body.  Ditto is best known for the episode Duplica's Ditto where Duplica uses ditto to perform. Fun Fact: Ditto can breed with any pokemon, but it cannot be hatched from an egg without cheats. 

ALRIGHT! 2 MORE! Sorry this one took so long to post, I need sleep too you know =)

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  1. But,actually Ditto can transform the face too, but Duplica´s Ditto have problems with it. I´m watching this episode right now
    it´s in spanish but search in the minute 14:33