Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pokemon Of The Week-Glalie

Hey guys, I'm back from camp =D sorry it took so long for me to post, I started a bunch of pokemon but got bored, plus i didn't do the book thing.  SO, now I did the book thingy and I WILL finish this post.  so I did Pg. 92 bottom left.  please post your page number and corner, because it's much more exciting knowing that you picked it and not me.  BTW i didn't even know this pokemon existed xD

Glalie, the Face Pokemon.  Glalie can freeze the moisture in the air to encase it's body in an armor of ice.  Glale is an ice type pokemon meaning that it is weak against fire, fighting, rock and steel type pokemon.  It is resistant against ice type pokemon.  Glalie evolves from snorunt at level 42.  Glalie is found in the Hoenn region.  It is best known as ash's pokemon.  Snorunt was evovled at the very end of the series, so Glalie was not in a lot of episodes. Alright Guys, Have a great day!

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