Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pokemon Of The Week- Golem

Hey guys...  So as july comes to a close, and school is about to begin, in a month.... ANYWAY here's the last pokemon of the week in july.  I PROMISE i will post something else, I just have to find it!  WAIT I got it! It'll be up soon!.  SCORE!  Ok, so anyway, this week, I was too lazy to get my book (I just came back from a sleepover) SO my little brother picked out this week's pokemon.  So Golem hunh..... Lets go...
Golem, The Megaton Pokemon.  It is said to live in volcanic craters on mountain peaks. Once a year, it sheds its hide and grows larger. The shed hide crumbles and returns to the soil.  Golem is 4 ft and 7 in (1.4 M) tall and weighs 661.4lbs (300 Kg).  Golem is weak against fighting, ground, steel and ice types.  It is super weak against grass and water types. Golem is resistant against normal, flying, poison and rock types.  It is unaffected by electric types.  Golem is best known as Brock's dad (Flint) had one.  Golem is the final evolution of geodude, and can only be evolved by trade.
Alright guys.  I promise next pokemon of the week will be out sooner, and my next posts will be out soon =)


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pokemon Of The Week-Glalie

Hey guys, I'm back from camp =D sorry it took so long for me to post, I started a bunch of pokemon but got bored, plus i didn't do the book thing.  SO, now I did the book thingy and I WILL finish this post.  so I did Pg. 92 bottom left.  please post your page number and corner, because it's much more exciting knowing that you picked it and not me.  BTW i didn't even know this pokemon existed xD

Glalie, the Face Pokemon.  Glalie can freeze the moisture in the air to encase it's body in an armor of ice.  Glale is an ice type pokemon meaning that it is weak against fire, fighting, rock and steel type pokemon.  It is resistant against ice type pokemon.  Glalie evolves from snorunt at level 42.  Glalie is found in the Hoenn region.  It is best known as ash's pokemon.  Snorunt was evovled at the very end of the series, so Glalie was not in a lot of episodes. Alright Guys, Have a great day!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Hey Guys,   know I promised you pokemon of the week, I WILL DO IT SOON I SWEAR!!!!  But I found this awesome site thats lets you play old pokemon games like yellow and crystal for free without downloading anything!  And You can save and stuff!  It's great! =D Here's the link!
Isn't This Amazing?!?!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pokemon Of The Week-Diglett

Hey PokeGeeks xD  so this will be my last post for a couple of days, I'm going to camp. =D  So don't be expecting a post until wednesday or thursday.  ONTO the pokemon =)  Ok, so how i decided this week was pick a random page (pg. 60) and then choose a corner. (upper right.)  So comment a page (4-296) and a corner, upper right, bottom right, upper left, or bottom left.  Ok, NOW onto pokemon... Diglett.
Diglett, the Mole Pokemon.  Diglett avoirds the sunlight and lives underground. it is so used to the dark recesses that bright sunlight repels it.  Diglett is a ground type pokemon. It is 8 Inches tall and weighs 1.8 pounds. It is found in the kanto region.
Diglett evolves into Dugtrio at level 26.  Diglett is weak against water, grass and ice types.  It is resistant to rock and poison types.  Electric types have no effect against Diglett.

All right guys,  See you after camp xD

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flipnote Hatena

Hey guys.  So this post is about the flipnote hatena.  If you don't already know what flipnote is, it's an app you download on your dsi.  If you don't know how to download apps on your dsi, heres a tutorial.
If you have slow internet, what you do is you go to dsi shop, wait for it to load, get a software update if you need it, and then when you get in, you tap dsi wares.  then go to free.  then you should see mario and friends putting blue blobs into a box. once the box fills, you will be redirected to the homepage.  you will see a box. tap the box, and you should see the flipnote app. =)  it'll be an orange frog. 
SO anyway, Flipnote is basically a drawing app.  you pretty much draw whatever the heck you want.  Your drawing could be as simple as this:
To as complicated as this:
 The possibilities are endless!  So onto the hatena.  Flipnote hatena is a place where you can share your flipnote movies and/or drawings.  (I forgot to mention ealier, you can make movies on flipnote, with sound and stuff, but it's pretty complicated.)
The reason why this is on pokeblog is because there is actually a bunch of flipnotes about pokemon.  Some even become the most popular flipnotes.  For example:
Hahahaahaaaaaaa thats my favorite one ever! xD  So, as you can see, pokemon is a very big thing on flipnote hatena.  <Link  I highly reccomend this app.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Pokemon Bullying.

Ok, I know this may have nothing at all to do with pokemon, but I want to speak out against bullying today,  I know your probably like, why not post about this on your personal blog, well 1) This site is viewed more often, and 2) I will post this on there too.  Ok.  Subject Of The Day, Bullying.
I hope you guys all know how much I really do care about you.  And if you are being bullied, even if it's something stupid, TELL AN ADULT! I know you may think your tattling, but DO IT!!!!!!! You're not!  NO one has the right to make you feel awful, or unworthy!  Just Stand Up. 
ALSO! If you see bullying, TELL AN ADULT!!! Bystanders have the most power in the situation.  If you can't find an adult,  tell the bully off.  You may think they'll turn on you, but they most likely will back off.  Don't say it meanly, just say something like, "Dude, Not Cool" Or SOMETHING!
Bully's only bully to feel a sense of power.  Whether it's mean words, or physical, STOP IT!  Even words such as 'gay or retard' are know as bullying.  STOP SAYING STUFF LIKE THAT! Think before you speak!
Click Here To Pledge
Ok, onto the title, Pokemon Bullying, or being bullied because you public express your love of pokemon.  This goes for anyone or anything.  Whether you love to read, or don't like to text, ect.  No one, I mean NO ONE deserves that kind of treatment.  STAND UP!  I know It's really hard, but you'll be glad you did it!  There are so many times I wish I'd stood up for myself when I was being teased for wearing a pokemon t-shirt.  Be Strong, Be Brave, and one day we can stop bullying! =)
Ok, Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.  Have A Great (And Bullying Free) Day! =D

P.S. You're All AMAZING! =) Never Forget It!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pokemon of the week- Ludicolo

Ludicolo, the Carefree Pokemon.  If Ludicolo hears festive music, all its muscles fill with energy. It can't help breaking into a dance.  Ludicolo evolves from Lombre when it is exposed to the water stone.  It is a Grass/Water Type.  Ludicolo is weak against Flying, Poison, and Bug Types and is weak against Ground, Steel and Water Types.
Ludicolo and the Brocklings

Brock And The Brocklings
Ludicolo is best know in the anime as Brock's Pokemon. (I swear I'm not doing a segment on Brock's pokemon, It was the first Non-Gardevoir related pokemon I thought of.)  Brock first caught a Lotad, in which he evolved into Lombre, and Finally into Ludicolo.  When Brock went back to the Pewter City Gym, to visit his family, he gave it to the Brocklings because they loved him so much.

Alright Guys, I'll post again once I think of something.


Pokemon Cards

Learn To Play Pokemon Trading Card Game Here!
Play The Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Here~!

My Pokemon Card BAG! (I ran out of card holder thingies.)
Ok,so I know I haven't been posting alot and I'm sorry, but I have a really long post planned about pokemon trading cards, WITH PHOTOS THAT I TOOK(which is amazing since i usually use google)  So if you don't know how to play the tcg (trading card game) or want to play it online, click the above links.
My Pokemon Card Binder
So this^ is my pokemon card binder.  It WAS my math binder, but since it's summer its now a pokemon card binder. I have exactally 459 cards, I did the math. All inherited from my little bro. I took pictures of every page.  THIS WAS A PAIN IN THE BUTT! ARGH IT TOOK FOREVER TO DO THIS!  OK, better. 
And Then Heres all the cards that wouldn't fit.
And My Favorite Cards: Ralts And Kirala
And These Are The Fake Cards I found.  My bro liked to make them.  I found them all.
Palkia Was The Obvious One. First Off, The Paper was that recycled cotton kind, and the edge of the paper was hanging over the edge of the card
at the top the little white strip
And Then I also found these cards, I'm not sure what the heck they are but I'll bulbapedia them.  While I'm doing that, please enjoy this video.
Ok, so it says that in 2006, the 3rd pokemon trading card championships were held in Hawaii.  It ran from august 10th threw 12th.  There were 3 catergories, 10 and under, won by Hiroki Yano from Japan; 11 to 14, won by Miska Saari from Finland. And 15 and over, won by Jason Klacynski from the USA.  There were 4 Championship themed decks.   I own the Miska Saari deck, Or called the suns and moons deck.  The fighting type card is one of the most common cards.
I also have 5 starlys and 3 Lavitars. -_-  It is one of the most common pokemon cards. =|

I'm sorry this took so long to post, I just really didn't feel like typing for the last couple of days. =|