Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pokemon Of The Week- Vaporeon

SUCKS TO BE YOU FROZEN!  Ok, sorry.  So frozen wanted mew, but that sucks because I'm doing vaporeon. (due to that was the first pokemon that came up [besides nurse joy's audino{and since I'm not doing 5th gen yet}] on bulbapedia random page.)  Ok so here we go.
Vaporeon, the bubble jet pokemon.  Vaporeon is an evolution of eevee. You can get a vaporeon by using a water stone on eevee.
Vaporeon is weak to grass and electric types, and weak against steel fire and ice types. Water attacks have no affect against vaporeon due to it's ability water absorb.  Another awesome thing about vaporeon is that it can melt in water! Like in the wizard of oz!
Vaporeon is a very rare pokemon that can only be obtained by evolving eevee.  Vaporeon can be found in all regions with an eevee in it.  so all regions except Unova.
Sorry that was really short guys.  I'm hoping I'll get a laptop for my birthday(3 days!) Not making my hopes high though. =l  I love you guys

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pokemon Of The Week-Happiny

Hey guys. I'm at frozens house =) ok on other notes, I completly ignored frozens requests of togepi and totidile and did happiny instead.

Happiny Egg

Happiny- The playhouse pokemon.  Happiny is the unevolved version of chansy.  Happiny is best known for it's apperence in the anime as brock's pokemon.  Happiny is a normal type pokemon.  Happiny is always a female pokemon.  Happiny always carries a stone in it's pouch to imitate chansy. It gives the stone to people it likes. Happiny evovles by holding the round stone during the day.

Ok guys, I'm going to try and post more than this, but don't get your hopes up. I'm really sorry that I've been neglecting you guys. =(

Friday, June 17, 2011

Pokemon Of The Week- Castform

NOTE: Ok, I am really sorry I haven't posted a bunch, It's basically this, I don't have the school laptop anymore, and my pc is in the middle of the kitchen. if you want a detailed explanation, check out my other blog
Ok, so since the weather has been out of control here, I am doing castform for pokemon of the week.
Castform, the weather pokemon.  Its appearance changes with the weather. Recently, its molecules were found to be just like water.  Castform is a normal type pokemon.  It is weak against fighting type, and has no effect against ghost. BUT! Castform has 3 other forms. 
Weak To: Ground, Rock & Water
Resistant To: Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass & Ice
Weak To: Grass & Electric
Resistant To: Steel, Fire, Water & Ice
Weak To: Fighting, Rock, Steel & Fire
Resistant To: Ice

Castform can change forms when the weather changes.  So, when a pokemon uses rain dance in battle, castform changes to rainy form.  When a pokemon uses sunny day in battle, castform changes into sunny form, and when a pokemon uses blizzard in battle, castform changes into snowy form.  Castform changes forms as to protect itself from attacks. it is quite a evolved pokemon.
Oh, and you may see other forms of castform, please note that these are purly fan made and NOT REAL!

Alright guys. hope you guys have a great summer! 
I have no idea.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pokemon Of The Week- Lucario

AHHHH! I almost forgot pokemon of the week!  AHHHHHH!  Ok. so frozen, I owe you a lucario pokedex mode.  here you go.

Lucario, the Aura Pokemon, A well-trained one can sense auras to identify and take in the feelings of creatures over half a mile away.  Lucario was first discovered in the sinnoh region and is a fighting steel type pokemon.  Lucario evolves from Riolu from happiness during the day.  Lucario is week against Fire, Ground And Fighting Types, and is unaffected by poison types.  It is damaged normally by flying, water, electric and psychic types.  It is resistant to all other types.  Lucario makes many apperences, but is most famous for its apperence in super smash bros.  
Ok, I know this is a little short, but I have work to do. Sorry!

Thanks! -Brigid

Friday, June 3, 2011

Paper Pokemon

Alright, so some of you may have noticed that there is a new awesome sites link.  It's called PaperPokes- Pokemon Papercrafts.  Link Here.  So basically what this site is is a site where you print out a 2-D piece of paper, and end up building a 3-D model of a pokemon!  They Have a wide selection of pokemon, EVEN GARDEVOIR AND GALLEDE!
They Are Yet To Make Ralts and Kirala =(
But note that yours probably won't look like this
It'll more likely look something like this
They are REALLY hard to make! even the easy ones.  But It's cool to have, even if it looks like a piece of pokemon poop.  

I understand that this is not pokemon poop, I got distracted  ~LINK FOR DISTRACTION~

BUT, other than that, PaperPoke's are awesome.  Hope you enjoyed my distractions. which is your favorite?