Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pokemon Lake

Check It Out!

ok, I know I've been advertising for websites a lot, I'm not meaning to, I just found these sites cool, and thought you might want to check them out.  Anyway, this website is called pokemon lake, and it's pretty much pokemon on the internet, it's really fun, it has pokemon from all the regions including shinys =)

heres a pic

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pokemon Online. (why do i always start posts like that?)  Ok, lets see if I can start like a normal blogger.  Ok, so recently, I've been online at pokemon.come, see the link at the top of this post. so basically, its for the little kids who like pokemon.  But there is actually some pretty valid stuff on there.  there are the cheasy games like stacking blocks, but there is also an online pokemon trading card game, though it has a corney plot, is actually fun.  Also you can get the newest info about pokemon! check it out~!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


The 3DS, 3-D gaming, without glasses.  I don't own one =( but i know some people who do, and I've read reviews about it, and from what i've read, it sucks.  Well, not really sucks, but it has some issues.  First off, after a half hour of 3-D gaming, your eyes hurt, thankfully, you can switch it back to 2-D.  I also heard that pokemon stinks in 3-D, but they do have some really cool 3-D games.  Also, it has about a 3 hour battery life, which is not good compared to the DSi.  But it still is really awesome, but I reccomend waiting 8 months for when they make a newer version.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pokemon On iPod touch?!?! Can it be?!

Ok, so as you may have heard, there is a pokemon game on the iPod touch, the thing is, your iPod has to be jailbroken to get it. When the app does come out, it will cost around $20.00, which Is cheaper than normal DS games but still pricey for an iPod app. I am excited for the iTunes release! I will post a blog about the 3DS soon! :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good Pokemon In Black & White

I'm really sorry I haven't posted in like FOREVER but as you may already know, I'm really busy. In fact these next couple of weeks, I'll probably not be able to post very much. My play is going up soon, I'm in Alice in Wonderland the musical (FYI) and the performance is three weeks away =o. And then, my school goes to DC for a week, and then I'm home free. so this next month, I'll try to post maybe one or two times. Ok, back to the real subject: POKEMON WORTH CATCHING!!! =)

Ok, so right now, the big subject is pokemon black and white. It's basically all I've talked about. So, some of you may be wondering, 'Hey! What pokemon are worth catching?'. Well, for starters, the best starter (punny!)is oshawott, mostly because it has an even attack and defense stat. Tepig has the highest attack, and snivy has the highest defense. Also, oshawott is ADORABLE! Another pokemon I recommend catching is Pidove, because when it evolves into unfezant, you can use it to fly, but it also is a good pokemon in battle. For those of you who like musicals, I recommend a minnico. It can hold props to earn bonus points, and it's a great pokemon for a forest stroll. I also highly reccommend a timburr, because what it lacks in looks, it makes up in power! Though there are many more pokemon that deserve to be on this list, these are pokemon you can get early on, and level up for an ultimate team!