Friday, March 25, 2011

Pokemon Black And White On TV

Pokemon Black and White on TV, The subject of this post. I have heard It's really good from some people, and really bad from others. I am in between on the TV show. I personally like the original series better, but I can't complain, I mean, I've only seen one episode.   Judging by the episode I saw, the TV show has the same plot as all the other Pokemon shows.  Ash goes to a new region with pikachu, and travels around to beat the elite four.  Same old, same old. the only thing that I found interesting was that there wasn't a girl trainer obsessed with contests. I don't know if there is one now, but I was suprissed.  There was Iris, The Oceluid City Gym Leader, But that's It.  I want to see how the plot continues, and I will try to keep you posted.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pokemon Black and White Review!!! =)

Sorry I hav'nt had time to post lately, I've been really busy. I have play practice almost every day. I'm in science class right now =] I'm bad. ANYWAY, back to the real subject, pokemon black and white.  I got black about two weeks ago, and am at the elite four, i suck at the elite four, I can never beat them =/.  The graphics in the game are top notch! I swear! the battle graphics are so good. The pokemon still stay in one place, but the attacks are better, especially surf =). I mean look at that!
<---------- SURF

There are also a lot of 3-D scenes, the best place to see this is in Castelia City. 

The buildings are huge and really cool, not to mention when you get off the skyarrow bridge!
<------ Look At That View! =)

I find that the pokemon are kinda dumb, and there all practically remakes of older pokemon. Like Yamask, is pretty much the Sableye of the region (sableye scares me =( )
<-Yamask  Sableye->

-_____- ugh

what I do like, is all the pokemon are new. you can't catch a pikachu until you beat the game.
<-- all pokemon

The sound in the game is ok.  but you can still hear a bit of a screechy computer generated sound.

The gym leaders are a major challenge.  I really had to train hard to beat them, but they don't make it impossible.

 but the gyms are really annoying to navigate through, especially the dragon type gym, it takes like, an hour to navigate. and then you have to heal, and then go back and go through it again.  because theres tons of cut scenes. then you have to go to the pokemon center and heal, then do that again! 

Overall score:

Graphics: 10/10
Pokemon: 7/10
Sound: 8/10
Gyms: 9/10


Nearly a perfect score! I highly reccomend you get this game!

PS sorry if you have a slow computer, theres alot of pictures =l

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am a pokegleek, you can find tons of stuff for it online, here's my wallpaper!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pokemon Walkthrough

I have recently found that walkthrough apps are not just helpful in the game, but fun to read if you are between games.  Though they are totally not worth 99 cents, the free ones are very enjoyable.  I recently read a walkthrough for pokemon yellow, and it was free.  I found it when i was looking for pokemon apps.  I felt like I was playing the game, even though I did not own the game. I highly recommend getting the free walkthrough apps, unless you own the game, then buy the 99 cents version, if you are going to use it frequently.